Black Man Bundle - 24 Character Actions

A full pack of 24 character actions of a black male character with curly hair and casual clothes. Each item is also sold separately.

  • Black Man Waving Hand
  • Black Man Being Sad
  • Black Man Looking at Phone
  • Black Man Playing with Tablet
  • Black Man Taking a Selfie
  • Black Man Talking on the Phone
  • Black Man Talking Angry on the Phone
  • Black Man Pointing to the Right
  • Black Man Thinking
  • Black Man Getting an Idea
  • Black Man Walking
  • Black Man Running
  • Black Man Running Scared
  • Tired Black Man Drinking Coffee
  • Black Man Playing Guitar Sitting
  • Black Man Playing Guitar Standing
  • Black Man Working at his Desk
  • Black Man Sleeping at his Desk
  • Black Man Sleeping in Bed
  • Black Man Reading the Newspaper on the Couch
  • Black Man Working at his Laptop on the Couch
  • Black Man Traveling with Luggage
  • Black Man Relaxing on the Beach
  • Black Man Driving Car

$120.00 $37.00

  • Transparent Background: Yes
  • Format: EPS,PNG,PDF
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