Terms Of Use

The Short Version

We want to make using our videos easy. Here is a quick list of do’s and don’ts.

You must obtain a license in advance of use by purchasing or downloading free videos from us.

You must use your real name and email address on your account.

You may use our videos for…

  • Personal projects like home videos or school projects
  • Commercial projects like promo videos, explainer videos, websites, television, film, social media and other marketing materials
  • Client work you do for other people.
  • Physical resale where our videos are part of a digital poster or any other form of video display
  • Digital resale where our videos are used in animated infographics, PLR videos, etc.
  • Videos may be modified to suit your needs. You may change colors, add or remove objects or change other elements without restriction.

You may NOT use our videos for…

  • Re-distribution. You can’t resell or give away our videos
  • Re-licensing. You can’t relicense our videos to a third party.

No attribution, watermark or link back is required. But if you do give us credit we’ll think you’re awesome

When in doubt please ask us. We are very quick to respond and LOVE to help you clarify these questions ?

The Long Version

This Agreement governs the terms by which visitors and clients of VideoPlasty.com obtain the right to use the stock animation videos created by VideoPlasty.com. Your purchase or use of our videos implies that you have read and accepted these Terms of use

Our videos are under a commercial license and are available for most uses including commercial, editorial and personal. You are allowed to use our videos for explainer videos, promo videos, PLR videos, websites, television, film, YouTube videos, digital posters, Facebook pages, social media campaigns, newsletters, documentary, apps, games, etc…

If you want to put any of our stock animation videos as trademark or service mark please contact us.

Unauthorized use

  • You may not sublicense and/or place any of the stock animation videos, modified or unmodified, on a website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale.
  • You may not use our stock animation videos for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of our stock animation videos, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
  • You may not use for any unlawful purpose, to defame a person, to violate a person’s right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity.

After we have successfully received your payment, the selected stock animation video(s) will be instantly available and emailed to the email address you provided. This may take up to 1 hour, but usually happens within seconds. If you do not receive an email after this time period, contact us through our website.

You may not copyright our videos as stand alone videos. If you use them as part of a larger creative work (i.e.: explainer video, animation short film, etc.) you may copyright your larger work which may include our videos. When in doubt please ask us for clarification.

Penalties for reselling, or for using our videos without downloading them here using a real name, will be far greater than the cost of the original license. We are friendly, and happy to help so please contact us when in doubt.

We ask you to provide us your contact details on checkout. This information will not be shared or sold. These details MUST be accurate or your license is invalid. Our piracy team compares the use of our videos against domain WHOIS and other data. If we/you can’t validate your license you may be liable for damages.

VideoPlasty.com offers these videos ‘as is’. Although our videos may be customized further, we cannot offer tech support for customization. VideoPlasty.com provides support via our help desk.

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you aren’t happy for any reason let us know. We’ll make it right or refund your purchase.

VideoPlasty.com reserves the right to change or modify current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice. Prices of all stock animation videos are subject to change without notice.