Education GIF Animation Pack - 20 Character Actions

An Education pack full with 20 animated character actions in GIF format. Each one is also sold individually on the store.

  • Professor Carrying a Folder and Suitcase
  • Professor Doing an Experiment
  • Professor Failed Experiment
  • Professor Getting an Idea
  • Professor Holding a Book
  • Professor Holding a Magnifying Glass
  • Professor Holding Books
  • Professor Holding Test Tubes
  • Professor Looking Through Microscope
  • Professor Pointing on the Blackboard
  • Professor Pointing
  • Professor Reading a Book at his Desk
  • Professor Scolding a Student
  • Professor Shaking his Head
  • Professor Speaking on the Podium
  • Professor Stressed at his Desk
  • Professor Teaching a Student
  • Professor Thinking
  • Professor Wearing a Graduation Hat
  • Professor Working at his Desk

$60.00 $39.00

  • Transparent Background: Yes
  • Looping: Yes
  • Format: GIF
  • Resolution Category: 1080
  • Duration: 10
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