Corporate Woman Character Pack: 74 Actions

Corporate White Woman Character Pack. Contains 74 animations, all loopable and also sold individually: Astronaut, Audience, Balance, Balloon, Boss, Boxed In, Brainwash, Campfire, Chase, Chasm, Choice, Choose, Clipboard, Competition, Confused, Deal, Dive, Doors, Duel, Evaluation, Exercise, Experiment, Fall, Fans, Feedback, Happy, Hat, Idea Box, Idea scale, Idea, Investment, Jump, Jumper, Keyword, Knocking, Launch, Marketshare, Media, Meditation, Megaphone, Mislead, Miss, Money Scale, Multitasking, No Money, Old, Outside The Box, Presentation, Protect Idea, Pulled, Puppet, Research, Researcher, Reverse, Rocket Launch, Rocket, Running, Scared, Slave, Speech, Standing, Super, Talking, Team, Time, Top, Trap, Umbrella Two, Umbrella, Variation, Walking, Winner, Working, World

$370.00 $99.00

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Royalty-Free License
  • Format: GIF
  • Resolution Category: 1080
  • Frame Rate: 23.976
  • Looping: Yes
  • File Size: 171.5 MB
  • Transparent Background: Yes

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