Male Fitness Pack – 21 Character Actions [GIF]

$210.00 $79.00

A full pack of 21 character actions of male fitness characters, such as normal man working out, a fat man and a coach. Each item is also sold separately. Includes:

  • Coach Lifting Dumbbells
  • Coach Using a Stopwatch
  • Coaching Using a Whistle
  • Coach Yelling
  • Fat Man Measuring Waist
  • Fat Man On a Weighing Scale
  • Man Doing Pushups
  • Man Doing Situps
  • Man Doing Warmup Exercises
  • Man Doing Yoga
  • Man Drinking Water
  • Man Flexing Muscles
  • Man Jogging
  • Man Lifting Barbell
  • Man Lifting Dumbbells
  • Man Measuring His Waist
  • Man On an Exercise Bike
  • Man On a Treadmill
  • Man Out of Breath
  • Man Showing Muscles
  • Man Tired After Workout

Two version are included: NORMAL and LOOP

GIF Length: 10 seconds
Loopable: Yes
Transparent Background: Yes
Resolution: FullHD
Format: GIF