Frequently Asked Questions

What is stock animation?

Think of stock videos, but for animations. It’s basically pre-made existing animations of various scenes, characters, actions, icons, etc. Their main purpose is to save time, money and creative input or to help those who otherwise wouldn’t posses the technical skills to create them from scratch. You can use any number of these elements to “mix and match” and assemble your own creative video.

What kind of files do you deliver?

Most of our videos are delivered in QuickTime .mov format, because it natively supports alpha channels (transparent backgrounds), whilst other formats don’t.

How may I use these videos?

We recommend you read our terms of use in full to properly understand your rights when using our videos. Essentially you can use them in any projects of your own, but you may not resell the rights to the videos or use them in a trademark without our permission.

Where do you get your graphics?

We have a full time team of graphic designers and motion graphic artists create new ones on a daily basis.

Why are your preview videos watermarked?

We do this to prevent copy theft. Your full download will be completely free of watermarks.